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« am: Dienstag, 08.Mai 2018 - 23:57 Uhr »
Hey Everyone,

Here’s an update, addressing some of the bugs that have come up recently and also adding in new brightness and contrast sliders.

-Increased draw distance of target and some other small structures

-Added new brightness/contrast sliders

-Added in option to use legacy eye adaptation instead of dx11 eye adaptation

-Fixed bug where disassembled upgraded stick would no longer work with cloth

-Fixed issue with disassembling upgraded enemy club

-Fixed upgrades on modern axe disappearing on load

-Fixed dx9 tone mapping too dark in inventory

-Fixed lake in snow glowing blue at night

-Fixed drying rack showing log icon instead of stick icon in book

-Fixed items in world placed in holders such as bones or chocolate bars visible over inventory in some rare cases depending on where player saved
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